Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roscoe Jenkins

Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins is a movie that stars Martin Lawrence which was released back in 2008. Now I thought I had seen this movie before but I must have missed this little scene where the two boys Roscoe & Clyde are confronted by "Papa Jenkins" played by James Earl Jones and Roscoe ends up getting  a whuppin! It's a flashback scene that's being told to Roscoes wife at a family picnic by his sister.  Now before you rush out to get the movie the whuppin is implied....the most they show is Papa Jenkins taking off his belt and the young Roscoe taking down his pants and bending over for his whuppin (damn)! You do hear one lick of the belt and a yelp but the camera pans away from it.....unfortunately.  Papa Jenkins is upset because the boys bet on who could get "Lucinda" (the high school hottie) to go to the prom with one of them. Well Papa found out about the bet and thought it was very disrespectful to make a bet over a girl. After Roscoe gets his off screen butt whuppin he waits down the hall to watch Clyde get whats coming to him with a slight smile on his face (we all know what that's like)! But Clyde is a real smooth operator (playa) and proceeds to talk his way out of a butt whuppin and ends up giving Papa Jenkins a big hug and as he hugs him he looks over at Roscoe who is watching from the shadows and gives him a (no whuppin for me tonight) Wink! His sister tells everyone at the reunion that she heard Roscoe crying in his room all night! 

I have to say when the family gets together and all the dads, Uncles and cousins are around the subject of butt whuppins is bound to come up and even maybe a few actual ones! I would of loved to post a video of this scene but they are making it really hard to do so but do a search and you might find one.....you might have better luck than I had. You could also just rent  it off of  iTunes like I did just to check it out.....Enjoy

All right, what have you got to say for yourself?

I let Roscoe win.
It meant more to him to beat me,
and it meant more to me to go out with Lucinda.
She's so beautiful.
I know you're disappointed,
and if my parents were alive, they'd be disappointed, too.
But you're the only parent I got, Papa Jenkins.

So you do what you think is right. I'll understand.

Don't you ever let something like this ever happen again.
You understand?
Yes, sir.

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