Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update: Dr Skeplz Video's Now Available!

The photo's I posted last week form Dr. Skelpz featuring Barry, Damien, Jay, Stephen & David and more are now available for download sale at   I'm looking forward to these vids!


  1. Wow -- this is an amazing line-up of Sting stars. I am getting it.

    1. Worth it if nothing else just to see Barry's cute butt up if he would just spread those cheeks a little more!

  2. it sounds to me like he needs a good whipping so without further delay I say give him what he is looking for .Have lay nit out so that he gets it good .I recommend that you use the The paddle and or The Strap and that he lays it all out on the Bed or the couch .He also needs to be Naked when this whipping starts .

  3. It goes without saying Thst Barry will have a very sore booty after he gets his Hide whipped.This is direct result of him not doing what is expected .Bad boys need there Hides whipped and that what going to happen as it should