Monday, July 15, 2013

Dad's On His Way Home!

You heard your dad tearin up your big bro's ass last hadn't heard him cry like that in a long time and tonight it's your turn! He'll be home soon and your ass is gonna be the one on fire! Everybody in the hose and maybe a few neighbors will hear you getting your butt whuppin and hearing you crying like your big bro was doing last night!


  1. Remember this happening to me - my Big Bro warned me Dad had a big strap when he walked in the room - one he had never ever seen before - and that it really tore his butt up. I remember hearing him yell and beg. Sure enough - I got a speeding ticket the next day and guess what - I got to meet that strap too. 40 licks. i was crying so hard i couldn't see. after that the two of us were a lot closer and we really watched out for each other - all it took was one look from my Big Bro "remember that big strap" and my attitude changed. Wonder if Dad gave us those tough butt whuppins one day apart so we'd keep each other in line. It mostly worked.

  2. makes me remember waiting knowing it was gonna happen. makes it hurt all the worse.

  3. You guys were fortunate enough to have your dads around to give you a whipping when you needed it.

    I grew up without my dad around...and the family didn't spank..but I knew I needed it. Having issues today because I didn't get it back then.

    Later in life, in my 20s, I sought it out and confirmed that it would've helped...a lot.