Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Handyman Barry

I would love to call Barry to come over to my house and help me fix it up! I'll hold the ladder as he's climbing up....ya know so I can get a good view of that backside! If he tries to goof off I'll just have to put him across my lap and spank him good! What job would you have him do for you?


  1. Barry is breathtaking as always! If I was ever lucky enough to get my hands on that beautiful ass, I'm not sure I'd be able to let go! And of course I'd have to dive in for at least one quick taste ;)!

  2. And I'm sure it would taste good!

  3. Like I wasn't obsessed enough, now
    you bring up the taste of that sweet ass. What next, those perky nipples, that cheeky grin, those
    laughing eyes? Thanks as ever.

  4. A handy whamy om such a fanny.
    for sagging pants!