Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey Is That Your Dad?

Did your Dad ever come looking for you with a belt in his hand? Ya up at the playground or a friends house looking for you because you were supposed to be home a hour ago? All your Friends see him and tell you he has his belt off! You turn and see him standing there with his belt looped over hanging from his hand...Oh Shit you think to yourself!

You know your ass is in for it when that happens and on top of that your friends get to see him tearing your butt up down the street and all the way home! You try to explain as he's hitting your ass with the belt on how you lost track of time and how sorry you were but it doesn't help! He tells you to get up to your room because you getting another whuppin as soon as he gets up there! You know your friends aren't gonna let you forget it but you know one of them will be in the same position sooner or later!

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