Sunday, July 1, 2012

He Can Only Kill You If You're OK!

These are some pic's from the VW Passat commercial that's been on TV for the last few months. It shows two teens who have been in some sort of car accident and the white kid who I assume was driving is freaking out about wrecking his dads new car and how his dads gonna kill him when he finds out! The black kid standing next to him not saying a word and seems to be slightly amused on how much he's freaking out......he knows that his dad would whup his butt every day for the next week if it were him who wrecked his new car!

Every time I see this commercial I find myself wondering about the different scenarios on what happened. I find myself thinking what would I do or what would of happened to me after my dad found out!

Maybe he was drunk and let his friend drive the car was a good decision to not drive drunk but should he admit he was drinking or should he just take the blame and say he was driving? He knows how his friends dad would punish him if he told on him from the story’s he's heard over the years!

Maybe nobody was drunk and he just let his friend drive and got into an accident. The car is too damaged to try and hide so they’re gonna have to come up with a story on why he let someone else drive his car. He doesn't wanna get grounded for the rest of his life or see his friend get his ass whupped....or does he?

Maybe honesty is the best policy....just admit what happened and take what ever you got coming.

What I think happened is that they were both to blame. They were going way to fast and the driver (whoever it was) was being distracted by his friend when the accident happened! After both dads realized that they were ok I think that they decide that there's only one way to punish them and that’s a bare butt ass whuppin! They both should get it together...butt naked lying face down on the bed while both dads take their belts to those butts! Now that’s the commercial I wanna see!


  1. Wouldn't THAT be the commercial that goes viral! Another topic would be DUI offenses, showing a young lad getting a layer of skin removed from his bare butt for getting a citation re DUI

  2. Yeah CP....they could of gone in so many directions with this commercial!

  3. I would be happy my son is ok but I would severely whup his butt on this one