Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #26

I think this is the second bath tub booty I've posted recently but it's a big beautiful ass that needs to be heated up in my opinion! Spank it till it's all dried off then make him dip that ass under the water and start all over again! He better behave and hope I only use my hand because that mean bathbrush is within reach!


  1. one of my past black studs i paddled,a black marine sgt.,damion.married,bi,horny,wife very strict,no "sodomy",that to the stupid means,no anal,no oral,STRAIGHT OR GAY!,she'd never spank him as he loved,and bondage.imagine 6'5,260,pure perfect bodybuilder,30,loved my humor and handshakes gave it away,always felt he was grabbing more,sexual and don't ignore this day,pissed at a patient at work,we worked v.a.,"perhaps a good paddling would do him",he remarked to me,i got so hard,later "wanna come over and smoke",he did night of the comment,so horny,i jacked off as DOORBELL RANG!,JUST FROM THE GYM,PUMPED UP,MAN!!,HE ASKED TO SHOWER,i let him,we got high,put some extra stuff in joint,and got him rock hard and i'd seen him aroused at work,6inch SOFT!.WE TALKED AND HE told what turned him on,and he wasn't getting.i asked,"if i blow you,will you spank my ass,and i'll spank you",big smile,AS I WENT FOR THE GYM SHORTS.long wild sex,i otk paddled him HARD,LONG,AND STRONG.and i went down over the huge bull studs legs,for a SEVERE PADDLING I LOVED,MIRROR SHOWED HIS HUGE BICEPS OVERHEAD SWATTIN ME FIERCE.GRABBIN his huge 11inch pole,mine between his muscle thighs,i came not use word "nigger",but he called himself,a "stud nigger bull",and i can agree,he took me down for basic training."stud nigger bulls" i have been so blessed with,and love paddling man bull buck ass best

  2. wow. That is one perfect shot