Friday, July 20, 2012

Shock And Awe!

Shock is the look on your face when your dad rips back the shower curtain while he's holding his big leather belt in his hand and all he can see is your big, wet, shiny behind! The Awe is you know your about to get one hell of an ass whuppin! Your naked, wet and vulnerable and have no where to run and you know it! Dad knows this is the best place to catch you off guard and to give you what you've been needing for weeks now!


  1. sexy~~~ ^__^

  2. ouch, aw, ouch aw, ouch aw, aw!

  3. Man, I wasn't spanked at all growing up...and that's just the sort of punishment that I could've used... but my dad would've used a razor strop.

    1. lol.....when your buts that wet anything used on you would of stung like hell but I think you should get a taste of the razor strap on your wet bottom.....I swear your never want another one!

  4. That is probably one of the worse ways to get a whuppin and anonymous u probably needed a whuppin but if you wasn't spanked prior that's not the one you want trust me