Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Basement

All dads have that line that sends fear up a boys spine when he hears them. There are many different ones but they all mean the same thing....

Get your butt up to your room now!

Get out to the barn !

Woodshed Boy!

In my den now!

Get your behind out back for a switching!

For us boys who grew up in the city there was a line my dad used all the time....Get your butt down to the basement! You knew what was coming .....a bare butt whuppin in a cold damp basement with that single light bulb.....I didn't like going down there anyway but especially to get whupped! Scared and shivering waiting for him to came down and warm that butt up! You know you most likely deserved it but you still hated it. Some times he made you bend over for it but his favorite position to whup me was standing against the wall with my hands behind my head!
The basement had a low ceiling so sometimes in order to stay in position I could grab the rafters but I still ended up doing that whuppin dance that all boys do! So here's to all the boys who get sent off to that special place and to the dads that send them there!


  1. For me, it was "I'll see you in your room, son; go there now!" It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 5 minutes or so, and my father would come into my room with strap in hand. I was expected to be in position for my punishment, which meant jeans and shorts pulled down to my ankles; me jacknifed over the foot of my bed with hands spread way out in front of me. This prevented my from even trying to get a hand back there to ward off the strap, and put me in a very submissive posture. Just writing about this and recalling my Dad's voice in my mind, gives me shivers of nervous anticipation - and I'm in my fifties now and Dad passed on almost 20 years ago. Truthfully, although he strapped pretty hard, I never hated him for it - I deserved every lick that I got and we were best buddies as well as father and son. Wish I saw more of that today in families.

  2. I got it a few times in my room bent over the bed also......I hated having to wait for it....I think it was even worse than the belt!