Wednesday, January 2, 2008




Hey man where are you?

I'm aboust 30 minuets away.

Aiight.......I'm waiting on you.

Yeah? You know what your gonna get when I get there right?

I know it yo.....I'm on the bed watchin TV just like I was last time.

Damn man.....You know I luv it when your all stretched out like that yo!

I've been wanting you to do that to me again like the last time yo!

I wasn't sure that you would want me to do it were pretty sore for a few days.

Hell yeah I was but there was something about it that felt good.

Glad to hear it man.

I think about it everyday yo.....My booty's itchin for it!

You ass made for my belt yo!

Thanks man.....

Ok, I'll see you in a ready!

I will be.....


  1. MMmmm, luscious booty! Those cheeks need some strap attention pronto!

  2. yeah it lovely butt to spanked this is D.A