Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi everybody....sorry about the lack of posts lately but I've been a little busy. If your still mad about it I'll be waiting in the woodshed tonight!

Could you imagine if this shed belonged to your's in a different location than all the other sheds....this shed has only one purpose.


  1. Eric... a bunch of us guys have gotten together and decided that you need to get your ass whipped good and hard... we will be out in a little while with Dad's Razor Strap... we are gonna take turns giving you exactly what you deserve... a good ass whuppin! So pull those jeans down and get your sorry butt over the saw horse... man are you gonna get it!

  2. And no rubbing to try and get the sting out after we're done!

  3. Oh man....come on you guys! I hope you don't make me walk all the way out to the shed bare ass! Your just gonna use your hands right?