Friday, August 24, 2012

Go See Your Uncle!

My name is Tequan and I'm 15 and I've always thought I was grown but my Uncle Ray had a way of reminding me that I wasn't. I don't know why but as time goes on I forget how much a butt whuppin from my uncle hurts and how embarrassing it is. It was a while since my last beating and I guess I was getting up to my old tricks mom caught me drinking some beer in the back alley with my boyz and I guess that was the last straw! She yelled at me right in front of my friends and told me to get my behind over to my Uncles place! I knew exactly what that meant and so did my friends!

They ran off laughing and said they would catch me later. My mom jumped on the phone and called my uncle....all I heard was "I've had it with boy" and "wear his butt out!" she got off he cell and told me to get my butt over to his place you got ten minutes and if your not there it's gonna be alot worse for you! She told me that he was across the street from his place playing ball with some of his friends and that I was to meet him there. shit I thought....I don't want all of those brutha's to know why I'm there...I'll just stand there and hope he doesn't say anything.

He lived two blocks away so it only took me a few minutes to get there but my stomach was doing flip flops the whole way knowing what was about to happen. I felt my eyes well up once or twice on the way there.....I was mad at my mom for sending me here and embarrassing me in front of my friends and at my friends for laughing.....I guess I was mad at everyone except myself. I saw Uncle Ray taking some shots under one of the baskets in the park with a few of his friends. I went up to the edge of the court and leaned up against the light pole and waited. He gave me a few glances but didn't say anything.....thankfully! The last thing I wanted was any more people knowing I was gonna get a  whuppin! Damn all I wanted to do was get this over with and the longer I stood there the worse the waiting got! I was almost ready to scream for him to hurry up already but I'm glad I decided not to. He finally they stopped playing and he said something to his boyz then looked over at me and pointed. Shit.....what the hell was he saying to them.....I couldn't hear him but I had a feeling they all knew what was about to go down!
He walked over to me and said, lets go Tequan.  I followed him across the street and into his house. He was a big and muscular man....I watched his sweaty arms flex as he walked....shit, I knew my ass is gonna be on fire real soon! My uncle has always been pretty cool with me and I love him but it hasn't been quite the same since my mom started asking him to punish me when I need it. My dad took off a few years ago and ever since he's stepped in as the disciplinarian in my life. He sent me into the back room and told me to get ready which meant take off my clothes. It was an old unfinished room with wooden floors...he told me I could keep my boots on if I wanted because of the splinters......I guess he was more worried about me hurting my feet then him hurting my ass!  He walked in with the same strap he used to beat my ass with the last time....god I hated that thing! He told me before that he used to get it with the same strap from gramps which wasn't that long ago. It was hard imagining my big masculine Uncle getting a bare ass whuppin like I was about to! Standing there ass naked with only my boots on is pretty humiliating and made me feel like I was 5 years old. He told me how upset my mom was with me and how upset he was having to keep doing this! Tequan....I don't want you to feel that every time I see you I'm giving you a whuppin and I know you won't understand this now but I do love you and I want you to keep your nose clean and off the streets do you hear me? Yes Uncle Ray, I said quietly. Now turn around and get your hands up on that wall! 
WHAP! Ahhhh......he didn't waste any time! He just started laying into my ass with no mercy! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! I was already jumping around and trying to push myself through the wall!  Boy get your hands back up on that wall and stick that ass out! I had tears running down my face and was openly crying after only a few licks but I did what he told me to and braced myself for the next round! WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! Arrrhhhhhh...Please Uncle Ray....I'm s...sorry! WHAP, WHAP, THWACK! It was all I could do not to reach back and rub my burning ass! WHAP, WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! He laid the last lick on my upper thighs which stung like a bitch and I'm sure the whole hood heard me yelling!
I was crying like a baby now and I felt his hand on my shoulder and told me to get dressed. After a slow and painful few minutes I was dressed and ready to get the hell out of there before he wanted to give me some more. He told me that if I was sent over here again that he was gonna make sure I didn't sit for a month! I said Yes Sir....I'll be good from now on, but what else can a boy say after having his bare ass roasted! I assumed I was gonna get to go home now and go to bed where I would probably cry myself to sleep like the last time but he told me my mom went shopping and wanted me to stay with my uncle until she got home. That would of been fine but he was going back across the street to finish up the game i interrupted. I asked if I could just stay here but he said no and I walked back to the park with him. I tried to clean my face up the best that i could before we got there but it was quite obvious what happened to me and besides I'm sure that every boy and man in the park got exactly what I did at one time or another! I went and leaned back on the same pole as before trying not to make eye contact with anyone. They continued to play and every now and then the ball would roll over to me and someone would come get it from me and make some remark about how the other team was getting spanked or how they were whuppin that ass on the court! I'm not dumb I got it....I guess this was part of my punishment.
Finally my mom called my Uncle and I was released on my own recognisance but I was given the same ten minutes to get home as before. My Uncle came over and gave me a hug and told me to get my butt home and gave my very sore ass a good smack as I walked off. I cringed from the smack but it was more from the fact that it was seen by all his boyz! I made a point not to rub my ass while I was in the park as much as it pained me not to.....I guess I was trying to hold onto what little pride I had left!
About half a block away from my house I noticed my so called friends coming toward me, as if this day wasn't bad enough! After a few minutes of them laughing and smacking my ass it was all good. I didn't seem to be mad at them at all or mad at my mom and what really amazed me is that I didn't seem to be mad at my uncle either. Some how all that built up teen anger and frustration was gone. My mom grounded me for a few weeks and read me the riot act about how she wouldn't hesitate to send me back to Uncle Rays for another round!

I over heard my mom talking to with my Uncle later that night as I layed in bed rubbing my still burning ass and gently feeling the welts with my fingers....I heard her say that the whuppin he gave me seemed to help and I was acting much more respectful and doing what I was told to do! I guess a good whuppin will do that to a boy who thinks he's grown but it doesn't last took quite a few more sessions with my Uncle's strap to figure that out!


  1. hot hot hot story. thank you!

  2. Great story, Eric! Welcome back, we missed you. Any chance you were off at Uncle Ray's house?

  3. Thanks and I'm glad to be back and no...I'll stay far away from Uncle Ray's house as I can unless I'm made to go pay him a visit!

  4. Great story as usual & yea it is good to have you back ! Uncle Ray is no joke