Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep Out!

I knew my ass was in trouble now! I was almost begging the cop that had me in custody not to call my dad because I knew what that meant! I didn't know it at the time but the officer actually knew my dad and wasn't going to arrest me for some minor trespassing but knew that my dad will take care of the problem right on the spot! I was just hanging out with my friends when they dared me to cut through the construction site....bad idea! The work site foreman had me in his office until the officer had arrived. I pleaded with him not to call my dad and I promised that I would never do it again but it fell on deaf ears. You could see the fire in my dad's eyes when he pulled up and had his belt out of the loops before he even reached me! I was butt naked in a matter of seconds and he tore my ass up good! The whuppin was painful and humiliating but getting it in front of a cop and a couple of construction workers is really hard thing to live down! I can't be totally sure but from what I could see through my watery eyes it looked like they were all enjoying the show! Before he dragged my crying behind to the car he thanked the officer and apologized to the construction crew for the disturbance and let them know that when he got me home he was gonna really give me something to cry about! I knew that my ass whuppin was no where near over!

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  1. Another great story Eric. And we know his father's belt got a work-out when he got home