Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gotta Get Paid

Barry isn't to happy with some of his mates not getting him his money on time from selling weed so he has to dish out some discipline to their bare butts!  Unforftunately Barry isn't the one recieving the punishment this time but he cretainly does a good job of dishing it out! Great job by director Dr. Skelps as usual and Barry, Tim, Alfie, Max, Jay Faith, David and Damian! Maybe in the next one they all gang up and take out some revenge on Barry's behind!

We start off with Tim who's been slacking with his payments to Barry so he gets a bare butt OTK spanking across Barry's knee and when his hand starts to hurt he takes off his sneaker and finishes the job with it!


David would rather get paid by taking a spanking from some guy rather than take another thrashing from Barry! This way he has the cash to pay off Barry and avoid a worse spanking! David has a nice juicy bottom which gets a good lotion rub at the end of the clip!

Alfie and Max have absolutely no money to give to Barry because they say they lost the stash of weed but Barry was having none of that! Alfie and Max at least had the courage to go face Barry and take their licks from his Gucci belt!

This is my favorite scene and it features Jay Faith who has been ignoring Barry's constant calls about his money and has had enough of the way Barry dishes out his punishments! Barry makes his way over to Jay's place to confront him and confront him he does! I loved the way this scene was shot...there is alot of pushing and shoving until Barry finally makes Jay drop his pants and grab his ankles! He takes his Gucci belt to Jay's ass and then pushes a struggling Jay down over the arm of the couch for some more! Jay puts up such a struggle that Barry decides to tie Jay's hands behind his back and then used a solid hairbrush on his bare butt! Jay finally gives in and tells Barry he was wrong for talking about him behind his back and forks over the money and is left rubbing his sore, red ass!

The last scene is with Damian who actually has the money but unfortunately for Damian's ass he's a week late in paying him off so Barry makes him bare his ass and bend over the chair for a good dose of the belt!



  1. Almost remind me of making my rounds which its time for another

    1. I thought so too but I could watch Barry spank some butt all day! Yeah it may be time for another round.

  2. Yea he is getting pretty good at it & yea ithink its time

  3. Seven super guys,
    Six sensational spanked asses,
    Spectacular Spanker