Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Next Morning

The second you open your eyes the memory of the butt whuppin you got last night comes flooding back to you. Mostly from the pain in your welted ass but also from the pillow that is soaked from your tears! He really gave you one to remember this time and you cringe from the memory of how you were behaving as he was laying the belt to your ass! Screaming and begging for him to stop and trying to reach back to protect your butt....he finally had to pin your arms behind your back and whup you like that! You thought you were beyond getting your butt beat like a child but you were wrong.You realize your gonna have to get up and leave your room eventually and face him and the rest of your family who your sure heard every last lick of dads belt on your ass and all the fuss you made while you were getting it! You remember how embarrassed you were the last time you got it but that was over a year ago so now that your a little older is gonna make it even worse! You always tease your little brother on how you don't get whuppins anymore like he does because your to old and make fun of him after he gets a butt whuppin from dad! As if on cue your younger brother knocks on your door and tells you that dad said to come down stairs and get to work mowing the lawn....he said you have 5 minutes or your getting another whuppin! You hear him laughing as he walks down the hallway......."shit" you say to yourself as you bury your head in your's gonna be a long day!


  1. This story fits this picture perfectly. Amazing. And it brought back a flood of memories about the thoughts running through my head after receiving a good whuppin as a kid. Anger about getting a spanking, and regret about the behavior that earned the spanking. And, yes I had a teasing brother. Great story.

  2. I remember feeling like that when I was a kid, the next day after I got punished, having to go out and face the family... love the pick! Nice writing... keep it up!

  3. Thanks.....maybe I should of added the part about how mad I always was at my dad after the whuppin but the anger faded as quickly as the stripes on my ass. I was more mad at myself for getting in that situation again but aimed that anger at him. Embarassment was the hard part the next day. And as far as facing the family I don't think I made eye contact with anyone for days.... They all know what happened and I avoided anything that would bring up that subject!