Friday, December 28, 2007

07' The Year of Barry!

I'll remember 2007 as Barry's year! Who could ever forget or resist a cute sexy butt like that! Here's to you and Sting Pictures Barry!


  1. Hey Eric, nice to see a few more posts before year's end. I totally agree - Barry has one of the most spankable and cute boy butts ever seen. Reminds me of my days in high school when I got to spank a few buddies on the senior wrestling team - nice tight round cheeks, YUMM!

  2. Second that, Eric! We really appreciate your going to sites like Sting and finding the pix that will thrill. I think I'll go back through the archives tonight, and then go think really h a r d about what I've seen.

    In a word - spanktastic!

  3. Barry's is every single year
    with such an available rear
    always ready and in gear
    Barry: cheer, cheer, cheer.