Monday, December 31, 2007

After The Whuppin

What happens to you after your ass you just cry yourself to sleep?

Do you just lay there rubbing the sting out of it hoping that he won't come back for a second round.....

or do you enjoy the feel of your burning butt and hope he does come back for a second round?

Ther really is no wrong answer!


  1. Some boys secretly hope that Dad comes back to continue toasting their already welted butt mounds. Sure enough, it hurts like blazes, and tears often flow; but the manly rush of those hormones after a whippin, makes it almost all worthwhile to prove that you can take it and come back for more.

    Besides, a smart man once said that a boy cannot grow into being a man without a few welts across his butt, from time to time.

    Wise words.

  2. Getting spanked bare assed--even a few times in high school--it was always very good to have my dad come back in my room and talk to me--Once the punishment was over the anger was over---I still--after yrs appreciate his comiong back and talking to me--sometimes talking for a long while

  3. After a spanking the question is what s next this is not easy question to project or answer But the basinal answer is what did the Spankee learn from this endeavor all whippings are meant to be a learning experience that doesn't take away the pain of having a very sore and perhaps unsitable Hiney forba while but it does send a message that one needs to obey those who are in char gem