Sunday, December 30, 2007

Busted By My Boyfriend

I got caught by my boyfriend messing around with another guy ...I don't know what i was thinking! I really do love him but I was just a little drunk and started flirting with this guy and one thing lead to another and....well you know! He was furious with me and screamed about trust and love and safe sex. I could tell he was just really disappointed in me....I told him I was sorry and how it meant nothing to me...I just made a stupid mistake and it will never happen again. He said he was gonna leave and I was devastated! I asked him what I could do to fix this and to my surprise he said If I was truly sorry and wanted to show him I really meant it then I would have to take a good old fashioned whuppin on my bare ass from him! I didn't say anything for a moment and just looked at him in disbelief......I do remember him telling me about stories of his father punishing him that way when he was a kid and how he felt better after it was over even though it hurt really bad. Well? he said and snapped me back into reality. I'm not sure why but I said ok....My brain said no way but my mouth said yes! I guess I really do love him and want him to forgive me. Later that night he had me strip down and lay myself down across this leather couch we have which made my butt stick out real nice! I have a big round plump ass that the brutha's just love if you know what I mean! He gave my ass a long hard strapping with his belt which lasted for about thirty minuets or so.....I was kicking and yelling quite a bit through out the whuppin but I didn't ask him to stop or got out of position because I deserved this and I wanted him to know that I was taken responsibility for my actions. I laid there with my sore welted ass for quite awhile silently crying into the couch. I'm a grown man and can't remember the last time I cried like that but I have to admit I did feel a little better about everything. Even though my ass was on fire I felt like a new man! He sat down beside me and rubbed some of the sting out of my behind and he said that I took it well and I was forgiven. We talked about our relationship for quite awhile while he rubbed my backside and how I needed to go get checked out by our doctor for STD's just in case. I agreed to that as much as I wanted him right at that moment I knew it was better to be safe than sorry! I hope the doc doesn't notice my red and purple behind! I'm gonna try my best not to mess up again but I know what will happen If I do!

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