Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Speech

You know your ass is in trouble and you got a good whuppin coming but he still makes you sit and listen to that same speech about how you let him down and how your getting to old to be behaving like this! You know whats coming when he's done though and you won't be sitting for awhile!

After he's done giving you the "Speech" he tells you stop rolling your eyes and get up and get those pants and underwear down.....

As you pull those pants down over your ass his dad tells him that if he paid a little more attention to what he tells him he wouldn't get his butt whupped so much!

Maybe you just like getting your butt whupped boy?

1 comment:

  1. When a boy rolls his eyes at me during his lecture or scolding time, I know that he needs extra licks at the end of his regular whupping - just to smarten him up.

    Nothing like corner time with a boy clasping his hands behind his neck for about 20 minutes to ponder his sore rump, and then being told to bend over the sofa again - for more licks.