Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daddeekool's Christmas Story

Twas the night of his punishment,And up in his room,

The boy fretted and sulked with thoughts of impending doom.

His taut muscular globes would soon be striped red,

As the strap worked its wonders while he bent over his bed.

He earned it, no lie - and his father would do it;

Since Dad always preached that a man must live thru it.

So despite fears and despair, the lad kept his butt bare,

Hearing thudding of footsteps as they mounted the stairs.

The door swung wide open, the light pierced the gloom,

Of the young lad's remorse as he waited in his room.

The strap rose and fell, leaving welts with each pass,

And red stripes and dark bruises across the boy's ass.

Now the story is told, his butt took quite a whippin;

He's in the tub now, in cool water he's sittin,

Trying to put out the fire, but the pain just ain't quittin.

His Dad told him he'd feel it for several days,

And the lad now remembers that disobedience never pays.


  1. Thanks Daddee.....Sorry I couldn't get it posted sooner!

  2. Hey, no worries, Eric. You picked great photos to go with that fun little poem.

    All the best of everything, including great brown butts with red welts, in 2008