Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wet Butt Switchin

You got a switchin coming son...It's not my fault it's raining and your butts wet! It's just gonna sting that much more! Maybe next time you will think before yo do something stupid!

Now you stand there with that welted butt on display until I tell you to move!


  1. Being switched on a wet set of butt cheeks - a painful way to learn a lesson. The welts last longer when a boy is spanked on a wet butt - however, those red stripes are marks of a guy who can take his punishment well.

    I once heard it said that a boy grows best into being a strong man with a few welts from ass whuppins.

  2. true. try an extension cord on a set of soaked wet butt cheeks

  3. Jim-bar -- No question this man has a Beautiful and hot body I get the feeling it's going to get a lot hotter very soon .Perhaps this will teach him a lesson .The clips indicate a well marked Hide I would assume he got good and was wet during his encounter as well .Hopefully there wont be a second time .