Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jean Paul And Leon From Sting

Sting Pictures Jean Paul

Leon From Sting Pictures


  1. Such gorgeous ebony orbs, makes me think of the lyric line in the pop song "Lady Marmalade".------'.....mocha chocolata yaah-yaah!'

    Once can't help wanting to take those boys over one's knee and spank those tight buns until they glow faintly red (yes dudes, even a black boy's butt will have a red tinge to it after a good spanking), and give off that familiar heat when touched gently, and the lad has a tear or two in his eye. A long hug afterwards let's the boy know that you spanked him for his own good.

  2. beautiful pics. keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you....I'll try my best!

  4. Jean Paul, thanx.
    Black is so beautiful,
    from top to bottom.
    frontal and backside.

  5. Thanks Leon and Jean Paul.
    Both of you are so beautiful.
    Where are you? It has been