Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekly Spanking...

By Eric

Your have one message. I pressed the message button on my phone and read it. Yo man...I think it's time for another round. Come over around 7. Thats all it said but I knew exactly what it meant!

Me and Marlon met a few years ago and hooked up and were with each other for about two years but were not together anymore but when we were together we found that we both enjoyed a little spanking fun. It started out lite at first and then grew into what it is now. Even though were are not seeing each other anymore we still enjoy hooking up every once in a while. He does the spanking and I take it....I'm not sure why I like it so much? Maybe I like being the sub a little or the feel of my butt on fire or how he takes charge of my behind!

He answered the door....Yo Curtis....wassup? come in. Sup Marlon?....I said. I'm alwasys nervous during these visits but I still like coming. You ready yo? Yeah man I'm ready lets go. Aiight he says....I never know what he's gonna use on me...it's always a surprise. I speak up and ask.....what are you gonna do this time man? Marlon said....I think a good old ass spankin will do tonight. I'm just gonna use my hand to wear your butt out! Come here....I go over to him and stand right in front of him eye to eye. Even though he is a large muscular brutha were still the same height. Aiight son...what do you want? I'm always embarassed during this part but I do it anyway. I want you to spank me Marlon. What else he asks? I want you to spank me on my bare ass! Curtis you better answer the question right! I'm sorry Marlon.....I want you to spank my bare ass hard! Aiight....thats better. He pulls my shirt over my head and then goes to work on my pants and shoes. I'm being stripped naked for a spanking again by Marlon! When he's finished I am butt naked and waiting. He goes and sits on a large ottoman that he has in his livingroom and tells me to get across his lap. I am face down across his lap with both my hands and feet touching the carpet and my big round black butt sticking up and waiting to be beat. He rubs my ass for a really long time ......his hand feels like it covers my whole butt sometimes. He runs his hands up and down my thighs too before finally starting.....Smack! The first blow lands....Smack....Slap....Smack! Ugghhh....He worked his hand up and down my ass for a good five minutes before resting. Ahhh...I'm already yelling and squirming pretty good.....Marlon...damn......your burning my ass up man.....Good he answered. You know thats what your ass needs don't you? Yes I answer.....I like being in this position, Over his lap taking my punishment like a bad little boy! Man If any of my boyz eva found out about this shit....dam, I don't even wanna thnk about it! Smack, Smack, Smack!!! He started spanking my ass again....but even harder than before! Slap, Smack...Smack!! I was kicking and begging his to stop but I knew he wasn't gonna and He knew I didn't want him too! Another five solid minutes af him beating my sore ass....tears were running down my face as they always did by this point. He put his leg over mine so I was pinned...I knew the real spanking was comming now. Yo Marlon...Please ...no more.....I've had enough yo....seriously man...stop! He grabbed my arm and pulled behind my back and the spanking resumed! Slap, Smack Smack.....I wandered what my ass looked like as it was getting a good beating....I could feel my cheeks explode with pain everytime he hit me! He started working the thighs too...shit I was about to really loose when he stopped. He always seemed to know when I've had enough! Yeah man he said as he rubbed the sting out of my ass! I was crying openly now and squieming across his lap! I love whuppin that ass Curtis......Your ass was made for my hand! He rubbed and rubbed my ass for what seemed like forever and then his fingers started to go deeper into my crack.....He told me to get my butt up stairs so he could enjoy my ass some more! We had a fun evening and as i was leaving he reminded me to be here next week...I said I would.


  1. That is too hot!!!! I like that!!!

  2. Such a weekly encounter is a must for me.
    Most weeks I get additional atttention of
    this type to my ass.

  3. weekly whuppins wonderful