Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still Getting It!

I wonder what your boyz would think if they knew you were still living at home and getting a weekly butt whuppin from your daddy!


  1. It gets around. When the middle school girls in the house next to ours hear me really getting yelled at, they know I will be getting the paddle or the strap in a little while. they call their friends over and listen to the yelling escalate into a tough spanking. Everyone is parroting my pleading and vocals by the next morning and they razz me big time by doing this because I still get good hard butt whuppins at eighteen years of age

  2. Girls can be so mean sometimes! But i guess when you hear your 18 y/o neighbor getting his butt whupped it's hard to not listen! With the technology in cell phones these days I'm surprised they didn't record it then pass it around!

  3. One year I had first period gym with suitless swimming.
    So spankings were scheduled for just before I left for
    school. My colorful tail got me tormented terribly,
    the target of teasing and tough toweling.