Friday, October 19, 2007

Same Time Next Week.....

I've wanted to take my strap to your behind ever since I first saw you. That butt looked so round and plump and was just asking for it! I took awhile but I finally convinced you to let me do what I think you want and need! Now I have your bare butt bent over and waiting. I'm gonna give you a goon ass whuppin and then I'm gonna give you some more! Mmmm....I love the way your cheeks bounce when the strap hits it.....I give your thighs a few licks and watch you jump from the sting. I stop and rub those smooth hot brown cheeks for awhile. You keep your face hidden but I can hear you silently crying and then I tell you it's time for the second part of your punishment! It's even harder and longer than the first part. Even though your crying pretty hard I'm kinda impressed at how well you took your whuppin. When it's over I keep you in position on display so I can admire those nice stripes on your behind. I finally let you up and help you get dressed as the tears are still running down your face and I tell you to be here the same time next week a don't be late if you know whats good for you! I give you a hug and smack you on your ass as you leave. You wince at the pain and you walk away you wonder why you keep coming hurts so much and it so embarrassing to get a bare ass whuppin as a grown man but there is something that keeps bringing you back for more. Do I need it? Do I want it? Do I Like it?

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