Monday, October 29, 2007

Beaten Again...

My dad beat my ass again for the second time this week....He came into my room and made me strip bare. I got in the usual position on my bed with my hands under me so I wouldn't be tempted to reach back to cover my butt! I heard him pull his belt off and told me he's tired of having to give me a whuppin every week so he was really gonna make me feel it! I was openly crying allot faster than normal...he was really laying into my ass good! It was all I could do not to reach back....he put his hand on my back to keep me from turning over and continued to whup my butt. I was begging him to stop but he just kept on....I'm sure the whole neighborhood knew I was getting my butt tore up! When he stopped I was a mess. I laid there and cried for a long time. I was naked and well beaten but I knew I would be in this position again before the week was over! I don't know why I'm such a bad boy?

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