Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Thug Waiting On You....

What a perfect position this thug is in......and he's so sexy in only his Timb's and hat! Look at him just waiting on you to light his ass up! He is even sticking that butt up for your strap! He knows your the only one thats man enough to give his butt what it needs and your good at doing it! Let him know that your the man and he's the boy then give him a good long whuppin then send him to bed!


  1. I LOVE this picture!!! Just look at the way this guy's got his ass pushed up in the air. And look at those beautiful juicy thighs. I can just see myself heating up that ass and those thighs with my belt (and I usually prefer to spank by hand)!!!

    Keep up the good work, Eric. I look forward to coming to this site every day.


  2. I agree. Thanks Eric. Your work is much appreciated. Peace

  3. Tried to post this earlier but it never went thru, so here goes again:

    There are a couple of beautiful brown boys nearby to where I live, who look, act and talk like thugs. However, even though their clothes are baggy, I can see from their bodies that they are nicely built.

    I'd love to be able to challenge them to a real disciplinary session, with the admonition that a real man can take his whippin.

    That thug-boy on the counch in the pic is just ready for the strap to be laid across than tight butt and the upper parts of his muscular thighs. That way, he'll remember his spanking when he tries to sit down for the next few days.

  4. I like the way you think, Daddeekool!!!

  5. thug looks good and ready for what he knows what he has comming. love your site and would like to see more so called men that are really little boys waiting for a daddy like me to put out some disipline

  6. Thanks Mr.Veron, thats one of my favorite pics! It looks like he's in the perfect position for daddys strap! Yeah I wish more dads would whup some sense into these bad boys as well! I'm glad your enjoying the blog.