Saturday, October 20, 2007

Over A Barrel

By Eric

I went home to visit my dad for a few days....I hadn't seen him for almost a year so I figured it was time to catch up. We just hung out for a few days just talking and helping him with a few things around the house. We were in the yard one day and we were throwing away some old junk that had been back there since I was a kid. I moved some large pieces of plywood and there it was! Dad I yelled! I can't believe you still have this barrel back here. I thought you got rid of that damn thing! What...don't you like it he laughed. Dad knew I had a long history of being bent over that thing getting my butt whipped! Man I used to hate that thing.....But I did have one good memory of it! What was that my Dad asked? N....nothing never mind. No tell me my dad insisted. Well I used to keep my stash in it. I looked at my Dad to gauge his reaction! Your stash? Stash of what? There is no way he could be that clueless I thought to myself! You know what I mean dad.....he kept looking at me with that unknowing look......Pot Dad! I used to keep my pot in there! His eyes shot wide open......What! Pot...You mean Marijuana? I can't believe you used that stuff and especially in this house!

Wow....calm down Dad...It was along time ago. I don't do that stuff anymore. I'm sorry. No it's not lied to me about it and kept it here right under my nose. He turned to walk into the house...Dad...where are you going? Come on...I said I was sorry. He stopped and turned to me. Son...I'm very disappointed in you. I know it was along time ago but you still lied to me. I think it's time for you to go home. Dad please....I was a kid...I know it was stupid. I only used a few times then I stopped! Your right son...It was stupid. He turned and walked away.....but I stopped him. Dad...what do you think you would of done to me if you found out I was smoking that stuff? You know damn well what I would have done...I would have whupped your butt good! I looked over at the barrel, I know Dad...I think maybe you could do it now. Damn did I just say that out loud? Do what...whup my but for smokin that stuff. Son you said it was along time ago. I know Dad but If it will set us straight I'm willing to go through with it. My dad looked over at the barrel and then back at me...son your 30 years old don't you think it's a little to late? No Dad....the more I think about it the more I feel it's the right thing to do! He looked at me and said, ok son....let's get to it.

Get them shorts off....I'm gonna get my strap! I hadn't heard those words in a long time and I was suddenly real nervous. I only had a pair of loose fitting shorts on anyway so I pulled them and my underwear off over my sneakers. There I was just like I used to be all those years ago....butt naked waiting for my dad to come out and wear my behind out! Dad came back out into the yard carrying that thick black strap he use to use on me.....Ok son...get over the barrel so we can take care of this. I walked over to it and bent down and put myself across it. It was cold and damp.....and it smelled just like I remembered it....the rust, the dirt on the ground the smell of all the bushes and grass! All those memories suddenly come flooding back to me! My bare ass was sticking up and ready for the strap. He raised his arm high and brought it down hard! Ahhh....I screamed! Whack Whack....uggghhh...damn that strap stung! Thwack!!!! Thwack!! dammnnn it! ahh...shit I said. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all? I was trying not to yell but it hurt more than I remember. I'm a grown damn man there is no way I'm gonna lose it! Thwack, Thwack ,Thwack, was starting to squirm pretty good eyes were starting to water....No No...I'm not gonna cry...I'm not a kid anymore.....Thwack, Thwack...Whap....right across my upper thighs..AHhhhhh! Owww....daddy please....! I was begging him pride was rapidly disappearing. Whap whap whap....he was hitting the same spot just below my cheeks over and over again! more....sniff please no....Whap Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! The the flood gates opened up....and I started bawling big time! I was crying harder than I have in a real long time......He gave me ten more real good ones then left me laying over the barrel crying my eyes out. My ass hurt so bad...I couldn't even get up. He helped me up and gave me a long hug. He told me he loved me and was sorry he had to do that but he was proud of me for admitting what I had done all those years ago and for asking to be punished for it. Thank you Daddy...sniff. I hugged him again and cried a little more. Even though my ass was in intense pain...I felt a little better about what had just happened. My dad took my chin in his hand and made me look at him and he said. I think I'll hang onto that barrel for now. We both smiled then laughed.


  1. truly hot story. thanks for writin anp posting it.

  2. I agree. Thanks for this marvelous site and the stories and pictures, Eric. You are doing a great job. Really enjoyable; I look at it every day and the 'over barrel' is fabulous.
    John [jlm2006]