Sunday, October 7, 2007

K-Dogg Pt. 2

By Eric

I was driving home from work, It was only three days since I met with Kevin and gave him a good strapping he asked for and deserved. I spent most of my time going over it in my head….did I over do it? Was I actually helping him or did I scare him off? I had to admit to myself that I did enjoy giving his butt a good whuppin. As these thoughts were going through my head my cell phone rang....I picked it up and saw the number, It was Kevin! Maybe I didn’t scare him off after all. I pulled over and answered it. Hello.....Hi Uncle Duane. Uncle Duane? Kevin is this you? Yeah...look, I’m down at the police station and I told them I was gonna call my Uncle. I need help getting out of here....Please! I couldn’t believe he was in jail....What did you do I asked? The computer I’ve been using wasn’t mine...I stole it. Oh god I said.....alright Kevin....I’m really disappointed in you, I’ll be there as soon as I can. I got there in about 20 minutes and saw Kevin handcuffed to a bench. Oh man....he saw me and lowered his head....I think he was truly embarrassed at me seeing him like this. I went over to him....Kevin, he looked up at me and started trying to explain what happened but he was just and he was gonna give back the laptop and how he didn’t mean to do it.....Kevin just stop right now I said. Did you steal the laptop? Don’t lie to me Kevin! Yes .....I did! I was taking it back when I got caught by the guy who owned it. The guy who owned it turned out to be a cop. Jesus...your kidding, I said almost laughing? You stole it from a cop? Whats wrong with you? I didn’t know it was a cop....I saw it laying on a seat of the car and just grabbed it....I couldn’t help myself...I know it was stupid! I mean that you shouldn’t of stole it at all.....kevin I don’t think I can help you at all. No...Please Mr. Thomas...I didn’t know who else to call. I took it before we met.....I was trying to do the right thing by giving it back.......but. He looked pretty pitiful sitting there.....I want to help him but I know he has a lot to learn. Ok Kevin let me go talk to the officer about this and see what will happen to you. As it turns out I knew Officer Jim McKnight....Our boys went to school together. He was a well built brutha all right....and I knew that he disciplined his boys just like I did so I figured that there may be away out of this mess after all. I explained to him that I took Kevin under my wing and was mentoring him and trying to help him get his life together...I didn’t go into detail about how we actually met but I did explain that I disciplined him the old fashioned way. Officer McKnight nodded his head in agreement when I explained this to him. I asked him If he could some how let this incident go he would make sure Kevin’s butt would learn a good lesson. Ok Duane he said....Let me check out my laptop to make sure nothing is damaged and I’ll give you a call but I have to keep him here till then ok? I went and told Kevin that I talked to the officer and he should be out in a few hours if no damage was done to his computer. I think when you get out were gonna have to have another session about this boy. Kevin looked at me with a look of relief and then a look of dread about what would happen to his butt! Yes Sir. I left him there to think about what he had done and also what would soon happen.

Jim called me about 2 hours later and told me that he would be letting Kevin go now. He explained that he has a bad record and was lucky this time because I was there to speak for him.....he was ready to lock him up! Thank you Jim and believe me he’s gonna get a good lesson when I get him home. Before he hung up I told him about an Idea I’ve been thinking about. What is it Jim asked? I though since you were the one he stole from that you have the right to be here to take part in his punishment. There was a silence for a few seconds...I just might take you up on that Duane...I bring him there in about 30 minutes. Ok I’ll see you then.
Wow....This boys gonna remember this night for a long will I. I saw Jim’s cruiser pull up the driveway.....he got out and opened the door to let Kevin out who was still cuffed. I opened the door and let them in. When they got to the living room I asked Kevin if he had anything to say for himself? He had his head hanging down....No Sir, he replied. Well I have a few things to say and I’m gonna say it out in the shed with the strap! He looked up at me and then at Officer McKnight shocked about what I just said in front of him. Officer McKnight then took the handcuffs off of Kevin and he started to rub his wrists. Mr. I mean Uncle Duane...Please could we talk about that later after Officer McKnight leaves. No Kevin....You stole from him and I think he has some say in this. I already told him I was gonna give you a whuppin and he agreed and will be here to witness it. Kevin angrily spoke up, Yo...come on man....that’s not right....I’ll take my whuppin but not in front of him Please. Officer McKnight spoke up and asked Kevin if he would like to go back down to the station? Shit....Kevin new he had no choice now.....getting his ass whupped for this was gonna be bad enough but to get it with someone watching was gonna really suck.
Ok Kevin I want you to strip and then me and Officer McKnight are gonna take you out back to the shed and take care of business do you understand? Yes Sir. Kevin had not been out to my shed was a shed slash garage but I never put my car in there. It was located at the end of my yard and was pretty secluded so theres no worry about anybody hearing anything. It was a drafty with a cement floor but it had it’s charm.
We watched Kevin strip down and we both were paying special attention to Kevin’s bottom. I was looking to see if there was any sign of his last whuppin but I didn’t see anything. He was clearly shaking as he stripped down...I knew he was scared about what was soon to happended and about Jim being there! When he was fully naked I told him to start walking....he turned and walked to the back door as me and Jim followed and got a eye full of a plump brown backside! It was pretty cool out side and I could seen the goose bumps all over Kevin...he was shivering but he would be warm soon enough. Wen got to the shed and I pulled open the sliding door and let them inside. It has that old wood and gasoline smell to it because of the age of the shed and mowers and things I kept in there. Kevin stood there shaking and embarrassed. He felt even more naked because of the cold and the fact that me and officer McKnight were fully dressed. I walked over and picked up my old saw horse and threw a old blanket I had out there and told Kevin to place him self over it. Kevin for some reason hesitated and gave me a pleading look again. He looked like he was about to say something when I jumped in and yelled at him....Kevin I said get your butt across that horse right now! He hurried over to the saw horse and bent over it. It was high enough to give me a good target and he was barely touching the ground with his fingers. It was quite a site before us....A beautiful butt bent over and sticking up for punishment! I walked over and picked up the razor strap that I had placed out there earlier in the day because I new I would be needing it....or should I say Kevin would be needing it. I asked Kevin if he was ready and he said he was but I could hardly hear him...Kevin are you ready I said a little louder? Yes sir he replied. That’s better. I looked over at Jim who had his eyes fixed on Kevin’s rear end...he realized that I was looking at him and nodded his head in approval for me to start. Kevin....I’m gonna give you a good long strapping for your behavior. This is for your own good Kevin and I think you know that. You got lucky could have been looking at a long jail sentence so if you start to think that your punishment is unfair you just remember that you could be sitting in a jail cell! Now I want you to stay still over that hose or you punishment will be even worse! Kevin was hearing everything I was saying but I’m sure he just wanted me to get on with it! I didn’t waste any more time. I took aim and raised the strap and brought it down hard on his bottom! Thwack...Ahhh! I was surprised that he was making noise from the beginning....I guess he learned last time that it wouldn’t help him to hold it in! Thwap...Thwap....Whap! Owww...ahhhh. I was laying it on hard right from the warm ups today. His ass cheeks were bouncing with every stroke....he was already kicking his kegs apart and not leaving anything to our imaginations. I saw his tight brown and pink hole winking at us several times but I’m sure he didn’t care at that exact moment! Thwap...Thwap....Whap....Whap!
Ahhhh....please’s to hard please no more....I answered him by giving him ten in a row Thwap, Thwap....Whap....Whap, thwack...Thwap....Whap.....Thwack....Whaaap, Thwack! Jim finally spoke up and told Kevin to be quiet and take your ass whuppin like a man or he would get it even worse! Thwap...Thwap....Whap....Whap.... Smack...Thwap....Whap! I started to concentrate on his thighs and that tender area between his ass and thighs....and let me tell you that really got him screaming! After about fie or six hits to that tender spot he started crying out loud.....Owww Please .....I’m sorry....He was starting to learn his lesson but I wasn’t done yet. Whap....Ahhhh, Smack, Ahhh....whaaaaaa! Kevin made a move to get up and avoid anywore hits but Jim was quick to grab his shoulders and push him back down and hold him there! Now Kevin new he can’t escape so the crying became louder. It’s such a sight to see this thug reduced to a little crying boy but it had to be done! Whap Thwack, Thwack, Thwack....his thighs were getting pretty sore I’m sure so I returned to his ass.....Whap Whap, Whap, Whap, Ahhhh ....noooooo pleeease! Whhhaaa....stop please god stop! His ass was pretty ashy and I started seeing some welts. I had some other plans so I stopped. Ok Jim....Let him up. He let go of his shoulders and helped Kevin stand up. He was crying harder then he was for his first whuppin. Kevin....your punishment is not over yet...we will finish this in the march your behind back up to the house. I saw him try and reach to rub his behind but he knew better and stopped himself. Jim and I followed this crying boy back outside and to the house. Jim told me he thought I did a good job and that he was impressed on how well I gave a strapping and how quickly I got him crying! Thanks I said....he deserved every bit of it but it’s not over yet! Kevin was hearing everything we were saying. We were talking about him like he wasn’t even there.
We reached the door and we went in....I’m sure Kevin was glad to get back inside the house. Even though his ass was on fire the rest of him as getting cold! Kevin I said....go march your behind over to the corner and stay there until I call you...Sniff...Yes sir! Kevin put his nose in the corner and continued to cry. He was more aware now that he was butt naked and well spanked and crying like a baby in front of two grown men. The humiliation was starting to take him over which started the crying even more. Do you want some coffee Officer McKnight? Sure I think I could use a cup he said. I made some coffee and brought it to him....we sat on a couch pretty close to where Kevin was and started talking about our kids and how they were doing and stuff like that. I told him again how thankful I was for what he did for Kevin today and that I would see to it that it never happens again. He told me he would rather see someone like me taking charge of a thug like this and get him going in the right direction then to just send them to jail. There are way to many young bruthas in jail today as it is. I see it everyday he said and I just think that if only somebody had just whupped there behinds every once and awhile the most of these kids wouldn’t be in jail. I agreed with him and we chatted for awhile and the whole time Kevin had his face in the corner with his blistered behind on display. After awhile I told Kevin to come over and stand in front of us. He did as he was told and stood on full display. We got a good eyeful adding to his embarrassment. Kevin....I want you to know that since it was Officer McKnight you stole from I’m gonna let him administer the last part of your punishment. I could see the shocked look on his face when I told him that and an equally surprised look of Jim’s face as well but I could tell he liked the Idea. He nodded his head and said Yes sir. He was so defeated at this point I almost felt bad for him but this is what he needs! Do you mind Jim I asked him? He said he would be happy to help! He told me that when he would strap his boys he would use a paddle on them next to really send a message! Do you have one Duane he asked. I told him I did and would be right back. I looked at Kevin and saw fresh tears running down his face from hearing that conversation...he knew hit butt was in trouble again! I returned with the paddle I had used on my boys many times before. It was 12” long and pretty solid with holes drilled into it. When Kevin saw it he started begging and crying about he had learned his lesson and how he has changed.....You know...the same old song but I let him know he had no choice but to take it! Jim had Kevin climb onto the sofa and kneel on it facing the back and stick his behind out. Kevin did as he was told and leaned his arms on the back of the sofa and stuck his bottom ot for his punishment. Ok Kevin Jim said....I’m gonna give you 30...If you move or try to cover up it’s just gonna add to it do you understand? Y...Yes sir. Kevin was hanging onto the back of the sofa really hard waiting on it when all of the sudden his ass exploded with more pain then he ever felt before! Ahhhh...he immediately reached back to rub his ass....Ahhhh no please I cant take that....ahhh! His ass was super sensitive now from the whuppin I gave him earlier. I told him to get back into position now or it will be worse........he did and Jim continued. Whap, Whap.....Whap! Owwww danm.....please....nooo Whap, Whap, Whap!! Kevin was a mess...I knew there was no way he would make it to thirty! After the twentieth hit Kevin lost it and bawled his eyes out and grabbed his swollen ass. Jim grabbed his arm and pulled him off the couch and sat down and pulled him over his lap. No please I’m sorry sir....please don’t....But nothing Kevin said was gonna stop this paddling! Jim put his legs across kevins to pin them and grabbed him around his waist and asked me to hold his shoulders. Kevin since you can’t hold still were gonna help you so now were gonna start over! Noooo.........he was struggling to get away but it was no use....Jim was a strong man and I was holding him as well. Jim started paddling him hard and fast....Kevin’s plump black behind was getting a no nonsense beating...Jim gave his behind thirty solid swats .....Kevin was crying hard and still trying to get away but it was over....he didn’t even realize he stopped paddling him. We stood him up and marched him back into the corner and made him put his hands behind his head so he wouldn’t rub his butt. We both sat down and talked about what jus happened and agreed that it was overdue and much needed! Jim told me he had to get going and If I needed his help with anything I should let him know. He told me it was good to see me again and how it had been to long. I told him that we should catch up some time. He agreed and said sounds good but I have to get going now. I called Kevin over and asked him if he had anything to say to Officer McKnight? His teary face looked up in a very embarrassed way and Thanked Jim for punishing him and that he was truly sorry for taking his computer. Jim grabbed his chin and lifted his head up. I’m glad to hear that son because If I see you at the station again the whuppin you got will seem like nothing do you hear me boy? Yes Sir Kevin replied! Thank you! Duane I know you will give him what he needs so I feel good about his chances. Thanks Jim I said. He left and I put Kevin back into the corner for an hour. I told him that I needed to keep a closer eye on him from now on and told him that he was staying the night and tomorrow we would pick up the rest of his things because he would be staying at my house from now on. Yes sir he replied and broke down crying again....I wasn’t sure if he was crying because he was happy or that he knew his behind would be sore a whole lot more from now on!


  1. Great! part 2, I cannt hardly wait for the rest of the series. Because I just know Kevin will get in trouble soon even before his butt heals.

  2. when r u coming out with a part 3

  3. Hmmmm....good question! There are several storys that need a second or third chapter. I'll have to back up and read the K-dogg story again and then maybe I can come up with the next chapter!

  4. put him in the Tub and add an extention cord along with that.