Friday, October 19, 2007

Cutting School

By Eric

I walked into the house and was surprised to see my dad standing there.....usualy he didn't get home till around six. Hey dad what are you doing home.....but before I could finish he interupted me by asking, Were you in school today? I said I was but I was lying...I had been out with my boys all day. Boy......I don't know who you think your talking to but I'm not that stupid. Do you think you could cut school and I wouldn't find out about it? I got a call at work from the school and they said you missed three days this month! Dad, I....I don't know what you mean .......but before I could finish he cut in again......Boy I suggest that you think about what you say next because your already in for one hell of a whuppin so unless you wanna make it worse you just go ahead and keep on lying. Shit I said to myself....I knew I was busted....I can't believe I let my boys talk me into skippin out of school. I didn't want to at first but I did anyway. Damn we had some fun that first time we cut so I kept doing it. It was the end of the school year and I didn't think it was a big deal! He started yelling in spanish at me as he usualy does when he's mad! He was Puerto Rican and my Mother is black Yo dad I'm sorry but my friends made me go.......again he stopped me and told me it was no ones fault but my own. You had a choice and you chose to skip school and now I choose to give you a ass whuppin. I thought I was done with getting my ass whupped.....I mean I'm 16 now and he hasn't beat my ass in over a year .......damn, I wish I would of put more thought into this stupid idea! I started to walk upstairs to my room where he usually gives it to me but he stopped me and asked where I was going? To my room dad....I thought you said I was gonna get it? NO...were gonna take care of this here and now! Now get those clothes off boy and be quick about it. I just stood there not understanding what he meant? All my clothes I said? Yep....everything.....I want you bareass naked boy and bent over the arm of that couch NOW! I jumped when he yelled at me...damn was he mad....I haven't seen him this mad in awhile! As I was stripping a saw him take his belt off and double it over. I started to know that feeling you get in your stomach whe you know it's coming! Dad please I'm really sorry please don't whup me....Please. You need a good lesson boy and your gonna get one. I finished stripping and was a little embarrassed about having my dad see me naked like this has been awhile since he or anybody has seen me naked. I don't know why but I was semi hard but I kept my hands in front of me. Over the couch my dad told me...I was glad to bend over the couch at least to hide my hard on but now my behind was on display! I heard the clock strike 4 o'clock and realized the my younger brother would be home soon...Shit I thought.....he can't see me like this, I'll never live it down. Dad....Javon is gonna be home soon can we do this upstairs? I got my answer with a loud thwack of his belt!! Ahhh.....Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!!! Whack, Smack,,,,Whap!! He was lighting my ass up form the start.....he was pating special attention to that sensitive spot between my ass and thighs.....he knew how to give a boy a good whuppin alright!! Thwack....Thwack......Dad please.....Thwack, Whap.....Thwack!! He didn't let up...It was all I could do from jumping up but I knew from past experiences that it would only make things worse! Tears were already falling down my face and I knew it would only be a while before I was crying out like a baby. Thwack....Thwack....Dad....WHap.....WHhaaaaa...and there it was.....I was getting my bare butt beat and was crying hard like a baby! I was kicking my legs which I know was giving my dad full glimpses of my tiny brown hole! Whhhaaa nooo pleeease....whaaaa....daddy stop! I was a mess by this time but even with all that was going on I heard the front door slam shut.....Oh crap I thought....thats my brother! Dad Please let me go upstairs. You stay right there boy...I'm not finished with you yet. I heard him go into the other room and talk to my brother. Javon I'm punishing you brother for cutting school so I want you and your friends to go up to your room and play util were finished ok. Friends? oh no...he had some of his classmates with him.....shit can this get any worse I thought to myself? Actually it could....he had to go through this room to get upstairs. I heard them coming and pushed my face into the couch to try and hide my tear soaked face. We have both been spanked before but rarely in front of each other and especially not totally naked. I knew my balls and my ass was on full display as they walked by. Wow dad your really giving it to him good....I heard one of his friends comment on how red my ass was! I had a feeling my ass was gonna be the topic of there conversations for weeks to come. When they were up stairs my dad continued to whup my behind! Whap Thwack Thwack....the crying started immediately .....Thwack Thwack....After about 20 more strokes he stopped. I was crying so hard that I didnt clam down for 20 minutes. When I was a little more calmed down my dad helped me up a gave me one of those memorable lectures about school and lying and peer know the usual stuff and after he was finished he told me to park my nose in the corner until dinner. My brother yelled down to my dad and asked him if it was ok for them to come downstairs? He told them it was...but I knew that the little brats were listening to everything that was going on downstairs. I spent about a hour in the corner with my sore ass on display to the world to see! My brother and his friends were there the whole time laughing and talking about what my butt looked like and what it must feel like! My dad didn't even say anything to them....I guess he thought I would stop me from making the wrong choice in the future and also stop my little brother from making the same mistake I made.


  1. The sight of that boy (first pic) bent over the arm of the sofa ready for his ass whippin, is one of the hottest I've ever seen.

    I spank a few of my boys that way, one with the strap and two others with a paddle. As a spanker and one who appreciates the male posterior, there is nothing like the sight of that young black man waiting for his punishment. Eric, you have excellent taste!

  2. Great story. Love whipping bad boys with the belt...