Thursday, November 29, 2007

Against The Wall

Son....if you don't want anymore of this strap on your ass you'll keep your nose against that wall until I tell you to move!
Yes Sir...!


  1. Doing time "on the wall" or "in the corner" with bare and striped buns on display is a surefire way to send a message to a boy that discipline is about obedience. I use wall time with an automatic 10 extra licks every time the boy drops his hands out of position or tries to shift away from touching his nose to the wall.

    Another variation that works well with boys who've had military training is for them to sweat their ass against the wall -- pressing their freshly spanked buns hard against the wall will soon leave the outline of their sweaty butts and the pressure reminds them of the recent whuppin. Same deal, hands clasped on top of their heads, OR ELSE!!

  2. Sometimes corner-times works best without the corner. But how long should it last?

  3. My dad, should have spotted this question and offered my response. SO here it is:

    Corner time or "standing and reflection time" is best done for no more than 30 minutes. THe sting of a boy's strapped ass begins to wear off rapidly at that point, and the lesson is lost if he is there too long.

    Making him wait for 20-30 minutes with hands on top of his head, and then either ordering him back for more licks or to get dressed and finish his chores, is the next step.

  4. typo error, that SHOULD have been my BAD - ....comes from being Dad and having spanked a boi just last evening.