Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Is Gonna Sting!


  1. I love spanking a wet booty. Anybody ever spank a guy wearing wet swimming trunks?

  2. Spanking a wet butt makes wonderful sharp smacking sounds and leaves extra long-lasting welts and marks. Wet skin is much more sensitive and a boy will quickly learn to mind his manners and obey after a good bareass whuppin on wet cheeks.

    I've made some guys wear tight speedos and shower down before a paddling, and after the swats were given, they'd strip ff and show me their buns - the red shows up nicely, even if they are very dark-skinned. Of course white boy butts look like a red traffic light!

  3. Once again I say: You certainly lead an exciting and entertaining life, my friend. Keep up the wonderful work. Seasons greetings to you, too.