Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Showing it

Did your friends ever ask you to see your red butt? They couldn't believe that you still get spanked so you had to prove it! What they don't know is that you get it at least once a week!


  1. Great pic - many boys DO get spanked well into their teens and reluctantly admit it to their buds. BTW Eric, whose is that gorgeous set of asscheeks that is the permanent pic on your blogsite = love his well-rounded rump and would sure enjoy strappin some red lines across it!

  2. Hi Daddeekool.....I'm glad your enjoying the site! The Permanent pic on the site is actually a latino booty....It is from one of the latino sites but I don't remember which one. I've had the pic for awhile though. I just knew it was one of the most beautiful bottoms I've ever seen! So it was easy picking it for my Blog! Hope to chat with ya again....Eric

  3. Well Eric, Black, Latino or Blatino, that boy has one superb booty indeed.

  4. I agree daddee......even with all the other pic's I have on the site I
    still find myself staring at that one! If I come across the original
    picture set of that ass I'll let you know. Eric

  5. the hottest one of them all...damn

  6. Blatino's beautiful all over,
    his eyes,
    the well rounded
    real rosey
    well whacked
    plump rump
    all awesome and

  7. regular rump whuppin
    betters behavior better'n
    rough & tough whuppin
    every once and awhile