Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Trailer Park

I couldn't believe it when I saw him standing there! It was Kevin from the trailer across from me. I've been living there for about five years and I remember the first time I saw Kevin. He was ruining around with his friends and I remember his dad yelling for him to come inside for dinner. He was a very hyper kid...not a bad kid but the kind of kid who just always seemed to get himself into trouble. On more than one occasion I overheard his dad giving him a whuppin inside of the trailer. At first I felt like I was invading there privacy but there was no way to not hear all that noise and Kevin's pleading for him to stop! But over time I got used to it and even looked forward to it. It seemed that no sooner than he got a whuppin he would be back outside playing again....his butt must have been made of leather!
Well it had been almost two years since I have heard anything good coming from there trailer so i figured Kevin has done some growing up....I think he's 17 now and about to graduate and thats why I was so shocked to see him just standing outside of his home butt naked in broad daylight with a well stripped red butt! I felt weird just walking by and not saying anything so I said....Hello Kevin....what seems to be the problem? Hi Mr Jones. I messed up and failed a class and I might not graduate so besides a whuppin my dads making me stand here. He said I had to stand here until he calls me for the rest of my whuppin. By the look of it his dad must of stripped him right there on the spot when he found out about him failing a class and gave him a good whuppin! (Damn I missed it!) Well Kevin I said, I hope you get to graduate I'll leave you alone. I went back to my porch and sat down and kept his cute red buns in sight. It wasn't to long after that when I heard his dad call for him. I heard a long painful whuppin being applied to poor Kevin's backside that night. I have a feeling he's gonna be doing alot of studying so he can graduate! Man I love this little trailer park!


  1. Great pic! Fantasies aside for a moment, if more fathers - black men and white men - dealt with their errant sons using a strap, there'd be a lot more discipline and less lawbreaking in society. Nothing like a good butt whippin and some humiliation to put a boy back in his place.

  2. Thanks Daddee, and you right about how more Daddys should take the belt or srtap to those out of control boys and steer them in the right direction before it's to late! Eric