Sunday, November 11, 2007

An Indoor Switchin

Go cut a switch and bring it back in here for your whuppin! A few minutes later my boy came back in with a good solid switch. He knows better not to pick a weak switch or his butt will pay double for it! I tell him to drop his pants and boxers and get across the sofa. Man....that boys butt gets a littler bigger and a little more plump every time I see it. He has a light complexion which makes his whuppins show up real good! I want to tell him how beautiful he looks laying there like that waiting bare ass for the switch but I'm not here to be nice I'm here to administer his punishment! I switch his behind for a good 10 minutes....he takes it as well as he could...a few tears and some yelling . His red butt and face let me know he's learned his lesson. I make him do some corner time (He hates that!) the up to bed. I can't wait till he gets in trouble again!

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