Monday, November 19, 2007

Yes Coach...

I want all five of you in my office after practice! Take your showers and report to me in your jock straps....Were gonna get to the "bottom" of your guys being late to practice everyday and then I'm gonna contact all of your fathers and let them all know about your behavior!


  1. Even though the custom butt-busting paddle was unknown where I come from nothing seems so suitable for corporal punishment during sports than the paddle on the bare bottom.

    Likewise a jockstrap almost seems designed solely to allow for easy spanking.

  2. Nothing like a jockstrap tightly fitted to a firm set of butt cheeks to outline the perfect spanking area. A jock is great for those modest guys who need a good ass whippin, but get shy when required to fully undress in front of others. Love the view of a guy bend over in a jockstrapped butt, with his junk nicely filling the pouch.