Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big Brown Bottom

This nice big round brown bottom just had a good paddling .......I'll give him a rest and then paddle him some more till he's in tears! Then make him stand in the corner on display before I give him another session with the paddle. I't's gonna be a long night for this boy and his butt!


  1. Now, that is a big ol' pretty ass!!! And I love the expression on his face. Now that spanked ass needs a lot of tender kisses to make it feel better and cool the sizzle!!!

  2. Great shot of a well-spanked boy! I used to have a spank-buddy (he's moved to another city) who was built so big in the C&B department that he would have to reach back and cup his junk package to hold it out of the way of the strap. This pic is very similar to how my former boy would take his strappins.

  3. damn u i love to give whuppings to boys