Saturday, November 24, 2007

Straight Thug Needing It!

These are some screenshots from "Every Straight Thug Has A Price" videos. I hear there may be some up coming spanking videos soon. Will be waiting patiently for them!!!

It looks like this Thug is already waiting for a taste of the strap!


  1. Well str8 or otherwise, that thugboi needs a taste of the strap across those muscular butt mounds.

    If he's like most of the str8 bois I've dealt with in the past, once they've stripped, bent over and taken licks from my strap, as likely as not they are ready for whatever else you decide to do.

    There was this really big and mean-looking str8 dude one time, who took a hot lashing that really welted his ass. When I laid the strap down, he just remained in his bent over position. I said nothing, and then the boi told me he was ready for further punishment. I hand-spanked him on his welted behind (he yelped worse than with the strap) and used a plug where it counted most. That boi came back three more times for discipline the same way. The best part was watching this street tough strip nude, kneel down and ask to be punished.

  2. Daddeekool, you certainly are lucky!!! I can never seem to run into anyone like that!!! More power to you, my friend!!!

  3. Thank you! It's just happenstance that these bois end up asking me for discipline. I don't put it out there any longer (used to run ads on the usual sites). Seems that word of mouth is still the best referral source.

    Of course, not all the emails I get end up as spanking subjects. Many guys just wanna jerk off to the idea of actually communicating with a discipline Master. Of the communications I receive, about 5 percent end up stripping and presenting their butts for punishment - another 10 % just want to chat about it (which is okay), and the rest never show or continue to stay in contact after the first exchange.

  4. You should write a book detailing some of your experiences, my friend. I, for one, would certainly purchase a copy. Or have you ever thought of making videos? There's definitely a shortage of good, authentic black male spanking videos. I'm sure that yours would be terrific.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate the sentiment. A book would not be my style, and shooting videos with the vast majority of my spankees is out of the question.

    One of the prime reasons that brings me so many young guys who seek punishment, is my absolute discretion and respect for their need of privacy and confidentiality. I never ask about their gender preferences or personal orientation; and although many of them are bisexual or at least experimenting - like most black men they are extremely touchy on the subject.

    If I even suggested shooting a video, they'd run for cover and never return. Such is life.