Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just a few words...

Hi....I'm Eric, a African American male and have always been interested in spanking....There is a small community of black men who are into this fetish and I'm sure there are more out there. I know most black men have gotten a few good whuppins growing up! As you know most of the spanking sites and photos on the web are of Caucasian males and I do like to go to those sites allot but I luv the thought of spanking a nice brown booty!

It's not easy finding any of Black males in spanking scenes. I have posted some clips and pic's of black men getting spanked but most are pretty old. I have done some digital altering to some pic's only because black men being spanked are almost impossible to find....although over the years I have been seeing more and more from sites like "Sting Pictures" and "Spank This" I hope nobody is upset because some pics are enhanced but I find them very fun to do and to look at. Maybe in the not to distant future we will see more Black spanking videos?

As far as the racial aspect of the discipline it's a thin line between just a spanking or turning it into a race issue so I try not to get to deep into's a pretty sensitive area as you all know. I have lots of pic's of white men spanking a black man and a few of a black man spanking a white man but I just try to keep it as just a spanking site. There are other sites out there for that stuff.
I hope you all continue to enjoy the site....I welcome any comments. Peace


  1. Comments? Yes.

    You keep me comin' back for more, yes indeed. There hasn't been a dull entry since I first came here (thanks to a link from black_boy_ addiction). I only wish I had some pix to contribute. . . . that would mean I had actually DONE some whuppin' myself. Alas, not for years now, but the memories are still a source of great pleasure.

  2. Hi, Glad your enjoying it, I'm sure you had some good moments just like I have.....If you come across a good story or Pic's you can e-mail it to me and see if I can add it to the Blog.

  3. eric, you top, bottom, switch or what? You ever get your butt busted like any of these guys? The old vid of two guys getting paddled is still great fun to watch! I like the way those two boyz wriggle their butts and squeal!

  4. I've done my share of
    wigglin and squealing.

  5. I am an older white male who would love to get hard otk bare bottom spankings over a Black Man 's knee that really hurt and would teach me to obey him. I would obey him, or I would get spanked!

  6. Hi Helixtwice
    Maybe the first thing you need to know about getting a spanking by a black daddy is, black daddies don’t play: It’s not just a spanking. It’s an ordeal!
    I have been disciplined by white and black daddies, and while white daddies showed true admiration for my juicy, brown melons before setting them on fire with their paddle or hand, across their knees …it always felt more sexual (fondling and probing in between smacks) than disciplinary.
    On the other hand, the spanking from my last black daddy had me hollering for my momma, and bawling like a ten year old from his belt.
    Come by corner (Chico's Corner) in the BMBW forum section, and we can trade notes, and maybe get you what you obviously deserve.