Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saggin Law...

I'm not a big fan of dress codes and i like kids sense of individuality but i guess we are at a point where something must be done about these young bucks with those saggin Jeans.....I happen to like those pants down below the butt because it makes it easier to spank but the laws the law!

Any boy caught with his drawz showin will get a visit by Officer Discipline.

He will get a sound spanking right on the spot where ever he is, Black, White, Latino it makes no difference! Whether it's in front of friends or family he will still get that behind whupped. If there is a second infraction he would be fined and spanked! I'm sure his daddy would whup that behind again when were done with it!


  1. My rule about pants hanging down and boxers showing is simple - you pull 'em up or I'll pull 'em down. And you know what happens when I pull 'em down?

  2. Would have loved to be the one who left them marks.