Monday, August 27, 2007

Oz Kenny and Adebisi

HBO's Oz had some pretty interesting moments in it like this one from season 3 where the young Kenny Wangler is tied butt naked and face down to his bunk every night by the very large Adebisi. I think the reason he was tying him down was to form some kind of trust with him.....But if there was a more perfect time for a spanking scene this was it! I wish he would of given him a few smacks!


  1. Ummm! Eric2,Just surfing the back log of your blog and ran across the photos/video piece of Adebisi and Kenny Wrangler from the HBO series,"Oz". Dayummm! I loved that series about Oswald Prison and its immates and staff! All the realism of prison being showed for the first time in a tv show such as prison rape,frontal and rear nudity, homosexuality, branding,etc! I remember that scene where previously Kenny Wrangler was returning from a visit to court from outside the prison,wearing a suit and tie,He walked into his cell and was jumped by Adebisi> Next,when he woke up, he found that he was lying butt-naked on his stomach,tied down to his bed. That little cute high yellow, slender bubblebutt exposed for whatever Adebisi wanted to do with it! Yeah,First things first!I'd spank the sh** out of that cocky little butt of his, until it glowed red and Wrangler is crying like a baby! Kenny was so cute to me, with that baby face of his and his cocky little attitude,I'd always visualized giving him a good OTK buttwhupping! But, Dayummm! there were so many other black prisoners I would have liked to seen over my knee! Kareem Said' The leader of the Moslems,and Zahr Arif,his second in charge assistant!The actor"Leon" and LL Cool Jay, who guess starred in an espisode. Like August Hill,the prisoner in the wheelchair who narrated most of the early episodes and the young black prison male guard and the some of the hot hispanic prisoners too, like Miguel Alvarez and Carmen "Chico" Guerra, there too! Too bad, they couldn't add spanking along with solitary confinement as extra punishments in Oz! Thanks for bringing back the memories! (By the way, if you get a chance,get a hold of the Movie,"Brubaker".It was on VHS, but may be on DVD by now! Its a hot prison movie! First of all, it is based off of a true story! Brubaker,(played by actor(Robert Redford) the new warden comes to his new job,disguised as a prisoner to see how bad things are,before he assumes his job of reforming the prison. Men just walk up to younger prisoners and pick them up and carry them off over their shoulders to be raped while they are screaming for help and are ignored. Prisoners are routinely whipped with a large, wide, long leather strap! In the earlier scenes a young black prisoner is told to grab the bars and drop his drawers,and his butt is strapped for no other reason than to make an example for the other prisoners,He does what he is told, pleading and almost crying, and he cries and yells while being strapped! there other strapping scenes where the prisoners are thrown to the ground on their stomachs and pinned there while their butts are whipped and they are yelling in pain! Check it out, you will find interesting!)

  2. Young Kenny Wrangler was one of the reasons I tuned into Oz! Your right...he did have kind of a baby face which contrasted with the rest of the cast. But that scene on the bed took my breath away and it still does when I watch it! I wonder how a young actor like J.D. Williams who plaed Kenny Wrangler came up with the courage to play that character and do scenes like that? I think he was also in "The Wire" but I've never seen it. Ive never seen Brubaker either but I will keep an eye open for it in the DVD section. Maybe I'll get a few caps from it to post.

  3. DAMN!!! This is a hot clip. I think I would have taken my chances and asked to become Adebisi's cellmate. A fine looking man, I'm sure it wouldn't have taken much to get him into spanking ... in my dreams. LOL