Friday, December 18, 2009

SpCpboy Blog

A new blog with some great pic's and vids of a young black butt getting roasted! I believe the spankee in some of the pics has done some work for Sting Pictures in the past but I'm not sure. I have posted some of these pic's in the past on this blog but the videos are new to me. Check it out the link in the Links column and enjoy!


  1. Eric, this man has a nice body and a beautiful ass and he can sure take a spanking. I suggest we invite him to the BMBW Christmas party. I'm sure we would all like to get to know more about him. LOL.

  2. I'll bring the egg nog and the hairbrushes.

  3. He would be the center of attention at the B.M.B.W. Christmas party! He won't be allowed to wear any pants so he would be ready to spank at anytime! Every present he opens will be a different spanking implement...LOL Poor boy!