Saturday, September 8, 2007

When a Good Whuppin Won't Do?

That was the name of a blog post I stumbled across the other day. At first I said to myself a good whuppin will always do but then I saw these pics and changed my mind......Not that I thought he still could of used a good whuppin but having her son stand out in public like that holding that sigh up has to be almost as bad!! Now that's a serious mom there! When the dads out of the picture it's real easy for a young boy to stray off track...but this kid is lucky to have a strong mom like her. He'll thank her one day! He should be thankful she didn't whup his behind out there and then make him hold up the sign. Either way I don't think he will ever forget it!

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  1. I agree with you whip that butt and make him hold the sign. He'll feel it and won't forget!

  2. Jim bar -I believe that this young man was setting himself up for a good Ass whipping .Ia not one for public whippings so I wouldmoe give to him in private but he wouldn't forget what he was given from me InAddition one session of a whipping more likely wouldn't be enough it might have to be repeated a couple times in order to get the message through