Sunday, September 2, 2007

Those Little Bad Boyz..

You know the ones.....they seem to get away with everything running around the neighborhood throwing rocks damaging your lawn and plants.

You see them at the mall and the supermarket throwing tantrums. You say to yourself where is that boys father? I'd whup his behind if it were my kid!
Then one day you finally see what you have been waiting for....A dad pulling his little boy across his lap and spanking that behind! You don't have to spank those small bottoms hard because just the act of being spanked in public is so embarrassing that they will avoid that as long as they can....but boys will be boys so you know it won't be long until the next time! I remember my friends fathers and mothers walking down the street with a belt in there hand yelling at there kids and making them come home because they should have been home hours ago or for some other reason.....I used to laugh watching that scene unfold until it was my turn! I know there are plenty of good Moms and Dads out there that do the right thing in a loving way so I say just keep on smacking those little bottoms!
Thanks FS48

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