Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Which One Do You Prefer?

1. The Paddle is always effective!

2. The Hand never fails!

3. The birch makes them jump!

4. The cane will make them promise anything!

5. The Hairbrush is to be given OTK!

6. The Strap....When all else fails!


  1. They're all wonderful!!! My favorite is the hand, however. I love the feel of a man's butt jiggling and wobbling against my palm as I'm spanking it. The hairbrush is my second favorite. I like the sound it makes connecting with the cheeks. My favorite position is over my knee. I love the view from that position.

    Keep up the good work. I'm certainly enjoying each visit. I just wish there were more authentic spanking videos featuring black men spanking black men (or any men of color!) If there are any available, I hope you will make us aware of how to get them. Perhaps, you should start making some of your own for sale. Considering your tastes, I will definitely be a regular customer!!!

  2. Yeah I luv the feel of a nice spankible butt under my hand! I also luv the way a strap or belt sounds and how it makes those cheeks bounce!!! I also wish there were more or any Black on Black Spanking but I 'm still looking. I have seen a few asian spank vids around and I enjoy them too. As far as making my own I'm not in a position to do that though I'm sure it would be alot of fun!

  3. Where can I find the Asian spank videos? I find Asian men to be very sexy and sensual. I would love to order some. If you know where I can find a catalogue or website, could you point me in the write direction?

  4. The good asian videos and some black ones you can find at The website in in the middle of renovations but it should be up and running soon. They should have a downloadable section as well. I can't wait!

  5. Thanks, Eric. I hope we can chat on Yahoo again soon. Enjoy your day.


  6. u have yahoo eric D.A

  7. I'm partial to the strap myself. And if they are a REAL BAD BOY then I get the prison strap out..

  8. taken over the knee
    with the back of a brush on the bare fanny.