Monday, September 3, 2007

Prison Punishment

By RWlkrSmith

Early morning rising, with a long stretch and a long piss in the corner commode. From the looks of things, Willie was still the worse for wear. As I stood there, shaking my cock, I gestured to the sleepy-eyed lad,"C'mere, boy, I need you." He struggled off the top bunk, landing with a thump on the flat white soles of his delicate black feet. He shuffled over, clearly still apprehensive. "What do you need me for.. sir?" he added nervously, at my scowl. "Well, I just took a leak, so I need my dick wiped. Get to it!" He looked around, and reached for the toilet paper. "Not with that, dumb shit! Get down on your knees and use those nice, thick lips you got. Make yourself useful - you gotta do more to earn your keep than lie around lookin' pretty." He stared at me aghast, his mouth falling open. "Now you got your mouth set right - get down, *down*! I said," and grabbed his shoulders, pushing him down. He found himself on his knees, his smooth, boyish face right up against my crotch. To prompt him, I grabbed his nappy head in both hands and ground his face against my cock. It took a while, but he got the idea. Before too long, his nice, soft lips were wrapped around my stiffening cock, and I was sliding it in and out. I had to cuff him a few times to get his teeth far enough apart - hell, experienced cocksuckers often have trouble with the girth of my fuck rod. Then I pulled him over to the bunks, and pushed his shoulders against the edge of the mattress. Holding his arms over his head, I shoved my cock into his open mouth, shoving him against the bed. Holding both slender wrists in one hand, my other went to his smooth chest,and found one of those stiff little chocolate-drop nipples. As I shoved my fat white cock deeper down his throat, I pinched and twisted - a little too hard, as it developed. He pulled his hands out of my awkward grasp, and shoved against my belly. I was caught off guard, but excuses aside - my fingers slipped off his nipple, and my now-fully-erect dick slipped completely out of his mouth. It slapped up against my stomach, as I stared down at him. "But, sir. . sir, you were choking me! I couldn't breathe.. ." he stammered, as the horror of defying me crawled across his features. I stood right in front of him, arms crossed, glaring down at him as he squirmed, trying to hide. "Boy, you are gonna get punished. I've been good to you, and this is the shit you pull. Just wait, boy - I'm gonna punish you right!"

I stood there, glaring down at the shivering boy. He had the nerve to try and push me out of his mouth? Well, he'd have to learn what happens to rebellious boys who forget their place. "Time for you to be reminded where you are, boy!" I growled, pulling him to his feet. "Throw on your pants, and let's go." I strode to the cell door, then turned. He was on his feet, struggling into the baggy prison fatigues. Good, good; no more babbling questions, just a frightened acquiescence. I led him down to the old gym - bound to be abandoned that time of morning. It wasn't even breakfast call - perfect timing for a little workout. When we got there, I checked my stash of equipment. "Now,then, boy, I believe we had an agreement. What was your part? Slips my mind . . .maybe you could refresh my memory." I stared at him. He shifted from one bare foot to the other. Finally, he met my gaze. "I am supposed to do whatever you want. . sir." He was glaring back at me. Defiant. Well, that suited me just fine. "And this morning, I was getting me a little head, and you saw fit to push me away. Got anything to say about that. . . boy?" His jaw set. "First you call me out of bed to lick the . the piss off your dick, the dick you had up my butt last night, then you try to pin me against the bed and shove it down my throat! What the fuck did you expect me to do? I was choking!" I chuckled. "You were expected to lie there and take it - just like you did last night. Since you didn't, you're gonna get taught a lesson in the consequences of disobedience. I'm gonna sit down on that weight bench and you're gonna lay across my lap, bare-ass, and then I'm gonna spank you." He gaped at me, open-mouthed. All pretense of servility had fled. "You expect me to - just lay there and let you spank my butt?!" He was almost sputtering. "You have got another choice, ya know. You can have that, instead." His eyes narrowed as he eyed me skeptically. "You can wrestle me - if you win, you get to walk away. If I win, you get something a little worse than a spanking. Are you game?" He looked up at me, fear returning to his face, chasing away the spark of angry defiance. He swallowed, then muttered, "Yeah, I'll do it." I could guess that the idea of mere meek submission had stuck in his craw; if he had a chance to fight, he could take what he had coming with that consolation. Little did he know. . . .
I stripped off my shirt, and grinned at him. "Okay, then. One fall, no fouls, no ref. Take your best shot, boy - and make it count." Like a fool, he rushed at me. Rather than get it over with quickly, I seized him in a bear hug as he reached me, and crushed him close to me. His scent and the smoothness of his cocoa-brown skin were powerfully stimulating, and he felt my fat white cock swell against his torso. He struggled wildly to free himself, as one hand slid down his back and into the waistband of his fatigues. My rough hand seized a sweat-slick buttock, as he wriggled just out of my grasp. When he lunged away from me, my hand caught on his waistband and half-pulled the loose pants off his narrow hips. He fell to his knees, his bare booty sticking up and out. I grabbed him around the waist, and flipped him over easily. He sprawled there, arms asplay, his long legs trapped by the bunched fabric, staring up at me as I pressed down on his chest. "Pin!" I chortled happily. "Now you get to find out what you've won." I sauntered over to a nearby cardboard box, and pulled out a length of nylon rope. "Shuck your pants and get your narrow behind over here, boy," I gestured. His face a picture of sullen dread, he shuffled over, shedding the trousers. I directed him to stand with his arms at the sides, at which I quickly wrapped his chest and torso with four loops of cord, pulling it taut and knotting it carefully. When I was done, his arms were tight against his sides, his hands flexing uselessly just below his hips. Another length of cord was looped over an overhead beam, and tied around the uppermost loop of cord. When I pulled it tight, he was pulled almost off his feet; most of his weight was hanging from the ropes around his body, and he was balancing the rest on the balls of his feet. I stood back to admire the way the muscles of his calves and thighs bunched - almost like having him in high heels, I thought. And the way his nice round black ass stuck out! That was a thing of beauty. I stood up close to him. "Now, boy, you're gonna get a dose of my belt. But, since I'm a good sport, you have a chance - if at any point, you decide you'd rather be across my lap, getting' a spankin' , just give me the word." His answering glare was eloquent in its silence. I stood back, and gave him a glancing swat on one hip. He wasn't expecting it, and the push made him spin gently until he caught himself on his toes and steadied. "Better watch that, boy - if you spin around you might catch the belt on your pecker instead of your booty," I remarked, then took out my whipping belt. It's a good three inches across, heavy black leather. I saw how big his eyes got when I swung it to and fro. Without warning, I swung it high and down - THWACK! - on his ass. He jumped and yelped, relaxing just in time to catch my next stroke. Alternating strokes, on either smooth black asscheek, kept him jerking from side to side - but he did keep himself from twirling, so they all fell on his behind. He managed to keep his cries and whimpers fairly quiet, but I could tell that the repeated thwacks were taking a toll. After eight, he muttered something, then pressed his eyes closed and shook his head. "What was that, boy?" I called out, "Didn't quite catch it!" He looked over at me, then jumped again at another stroke of the belt. "I want - spank me instead, sir! I can't take any more of this - please spank me!" He hung his head, obviously crestfallen. I dropped the belt. "Now, that's just fine, boy. Just fine," I murmured, as I unlooped the rope holding him up. Gently, I lowered him to my lap as I sat on the bench. His head off to my left, his trembling legs stretched out to my right, his ass right up in front. I stroked his heated cheeks with one hand, feeling him tremble. Then, raised my hand, and smack! A good hard spank, right on the underside of his booty. And again, smack! Ten of the best, barehanded, making him jump and squirm on my lap, as my hard cock pushed into his groin. I couldn't see his butt change color, but it was hot as a pistol by the time I was done, and he was crying freely. I pushed him down onto his knees before me, stood, and raised his head to face me. "Now, boy, have you learned your lesson? Answer me, boy!" He looked up me, tears streaming from his big brown eyes. "Yes, sir, I have, sir," he stammered. "Then suck my cock, boy!" And he did.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this - it feels good to give something back to a site that's brought me so much enjoyment. Good choice of photos to accompany it, too!