Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Got a Whuppin Coming...

Waiting is the worst part of your dads punishment. Most of the time when you mess up he finds out then he whups that ass and it's over right?
Well sometimes your whuppin doesn't happen right away. He tells you before he leaves for work that when he gets home that you will be punished for what you did so be ready for a good ass whuppin.

You knew it was gonna happen but now you gonna have to wait all day for it! You spend most of the day trying to think of ways out of it or how bad it's gonna hurt but you already know!

Whether your 10 or 20 it's still the same ...when daddy gets home he's gonna whup tour butt!


  1. Thats where I am now. I got in trouble with my mom day before yesterday and I've been grounded to my room ever since she whupped my ass for getting kicked out of summer dance school. My dod will be home tomorrow morning and I know I will get a very harsh paddling from him. He said I best be absolutely naked and in position over the footstool in my bedroom when he comes in to punish me with the long drilled lexxan paddle hanging on the outside of my door as is customary when I am grounded and subject to whuppin. You've really whupped up a nice blog. I've had time to look it over the last few days and I am impressed. I will admit being in hot water myself makes the subject matter tantalizingly immediateY