Saturday, September 29, 2007

Make it Red Before Bed!

Nothing better than cuddling up next to a warm, spanked butt on a cold night!

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  1. Hi Eric, I really like your site here. I am a white guy but have always like the idea of a black guy spanking white guy and a white guy spanking a black and even better a black guy spanking another black guy. your pics and stories are real good and I am sure as time goes by it gets even better.
    maybe you can add some videos/dvds to you site, maybe some of the guys
    might even have some homemade ones they want to share.
    Well keep up th good work and good luck, cant wait for the next update. Maybe its just me but I always thought black daddies whipped there bad boys more then us white guys and I am glad they did. I wish more parents did spank thier kids today. oh well thanks again. Jay