Saturday, September 1, 2007

In Position and Waiting

He always made me wait in the basement for at least a hour before he would hear his daddy coming down the steps where he's bare ass'ed and waiting for his punishment. Ok messed up bad and now your gonna get the whuppin I promised you...Yes sir his son answers....Ok....I'll stop when I think you have learned your lesson! His son grabs the legs of the stool he is bent over and waits for it then the unmistakable sound of his daddy taking his belt off and folding it in half.........Whap..Ahhhh damn...that was only the first one his son thinks to himself....This is gonna be a bad whuppin!

Whap, Whap.......ahhhh.....Thwack, Thwack, Thwack..!!! Shit...daddy I'm sorry.... (It's amazing how quickly they turn back into a little boy as soon as the belt hits there butts!) Whap..I know your sorry son but your gonna be allot sorrier when I'm finished and if I hear you curse again we will be back down here tomorrow night.....Yes sir his son answers..not wanting to add to his whuppin...Thwack Whap..... Ahhhh....Please..Please....After about 20 more hits with his Belt he stopped......His son was slumped over the stool and was crying pretty hard.

Ok son....I hope you learned something tonight....Y...yes sir I did...He slowly got up and tried to rub his bottom but even that hurt to much..... He watched his dad put his belt back on...Can I go now? Yes as soon as you go apologize to your mother...yes sir, As he went to put his clothes on.....his father stopped him and told him to go apologize jut like you are.......A little humiliation is just a good a punishment. His son started crying even harder as he climbed the steps and entered the living room. He had to walk past his brothers whe he knew heard everything that happened downstairs. He apologized to his mother and then went to his room for the rest of the night. He knew everybody saw his brown and red blistered butt as he walked away and up the steps. He wanted to go to sleep quickly before his younger brothers came in to give him a hard time.....he heard his dad tell them that they were due for a good whuppin too so they better not start acting up! He crawled into his bed on his stomach still butt naked and fell right asleep with the tears still in his eyes.....

A week later his two brothers were gonna get there buts whupped seems someone had taken a picture of they're brothers beaten behind and e-mailed it all over school! But that's another story!


  1. Love the pics and stories. Would love to find a naughty butt in need of a hard spanking..


  2. There out there Gary....keep lookin!

  3. It sounds to me like in this situation that being in position and waiting is essential to the over all situation In as much this young man new the drill it served a good purpose for him to prepare himself for what was to come