Monday, September 24, 2007

Late Again!

By Eric

I was chatting with my cousin Kenny on our Internet web cam as we do everyday….I told him I was gonna come over tonight with some movies I downloaded and burned on to DVD’s…He told me to come over about seven so I grabbed all my stuff and threw it in my back pack and headed over there.

I jumped up out of a deep sleep….I was on the floor in front of the TV. It took me a few seconds to remember where I was….I looked over at my cuz Kenny sleeping beside me. We had been watching some DVD’s and fell asleep. Shit I said….What time is it? I looked at my wrist…Damn it where’s my watch? Kenny….wake up yo! What man? Kenny ..what time is it? I was hoping it wasn’t as late as I thought it was! I don’t know man……Then Kenny saw my watch under the couch….here it is yo….it’s 12:00 man. Shit! I gotta go man…..Damn Troy….your daddy’s gonna whup yo ass..he said laughing. Shut up man…you know how my dad is about this shit. Why the hell did you let me fall asleep yo? I was already trying to put the blame on anything except me. I grabbed my sneakers and didn’t even bother putting them on and ran out the door. I heard Kenny yell, good luck yo….see ya tomorrow! I didn’t even answer I was too busy running down the street! I only lived two blocks away but it might as well have been two miles as late as I was.

As I was running I thought back to a few days ago when I came home late and got my butt whupped for only being 15 minutes late….Damn I was a hour late this time! I came to the front of my house…I didn’t see any lights on at all. I thought to myself….maybe he went to sleep before my curfew and doesn’t even know I’m not home yet. It’s happened before….he would be real tired from working hard all day and go to bed early. So I saw a little bit of hope as I went in….I’ve gotten better at sneaking in without making any noise! I climbed the steps and went down the hall to my room…I looked over at my dad’s room and his door was closed….Good sign! I pushed my door open and went in….I closed my bedroom door as quietly as I could. Whew….I let out a deep breath….I made it! I flicked the light on and there was my dad just leaning up against my dresser….Shit! I said out loud.….I almost jumped back through the door….You scared me dad! I knew I was in for it now! He already had his belt doubled over in his hand. What was scaring me the most is that he wasn’t saying anything. He was just staring at me. Dad I…I tried to say something but nothing would come out….I had no excuse or justification for being late. I looked up at him hoping for him to at least say something. Troy he said….give me your phone. I reached into my pocket and gave it to him without question. He opened it up and held it to his ear. Well Troy….It seems to be working but for some reason you didn’t think to call and let me know you were ok! Dad I’m sorry, I was over at Uncle Bernies house with Kenny…we were watching movies and….Troy he said! I’m getting tired of your excuses, I guess that whuppin I gave you the other night didn’t get my point across so I guess I’ll have to double my efforts! Get those pants and draws off now and get your behind over the bed. I was still pretty sweaty from the run home….I was having some trouble getting my stuff off….Hurry up boy my dad yelled! I got everything off except my underwear and t shirt. I look at him for a second for some chance that I could leave my draws on but as soon as we made eye contact I knew the answer….I didn’t want this to be any worse than it already was so I peeled my draws down off my sweaty backside and crawled onto the bed face down. I’ve been it this position many times before and I never get used to it! I felt the cool night air going across my naked butt. I turned to see what my dad was doing…..and as soon as I looked I felt the first hit! Thwap! Ahhh….my ass was still sore from the ass whuppin I took two days ago so this one already felt like I had already taken 50 hits! Thwap Whack Smack…Aww…dad please….Whap! Whap! Whap! I grabbed onto the headboard so I wouldn’t reach back to cover myself….he once whupped my butt three days in a row to teach me not to try and cover up…It worked! Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! Ahhh…Please no more…I’m sorry I was late daddy…..Please! I might as well have been talking to the wall because he wasn’t slowing down at all….if anything he was speeding up! I could feel tears welling up and the real crying was gonna be starting soon! Whap! Whap! Whap! AHw…….god pleas stop dad…..I was kicking and moving all over my bed….my ass was on fire….I didn’t know how I was gonna sit in school this week….or next! Thwap, Thwap, Thwap! Real tears were falling now I was crying pretty hard now…I had my face in the pillow so at least to save some dignity….But I guess when a boy is getting a bare ass butt whupping he can only have so much dignity anyhow! WHaaaaa….dad Pleeese….I’m sorry..! He stopped …I was hoping that was it I was hurting so badly…I couldn't even feel my ass any more….I knew it was swollen pretty good. Troy? Yes Sir? I replied in a crying voice. This is normally when I would stop. But since yo can’t seem to get it through your thick head what time you should be home I’m gonna give yo another lesson. I started shaking and crying again…daddy please no more I Won’t be late again I promise. I know Troy. ….I’ve heard it all before! He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the bed and pulled me down across his lap on the bed. I couldn’t believe it, he hasn’t spanked me like this in years. I turned my head and saw that damn solid wooden hairbrush in his hand….he used that on me a lot growing up. Where the hell did that come from I asked myself? I was actually glad when he started using the strap if you can believe that! Dad no….not the brush…..Tears were still pouring down my face….Troy I’m gonna finish you whuppin with this brush….If you have a problem with it we can do this again tomorrow…your call? I rolled over on my dad’s lap and stuck my butt up for it! I just wanna get it over with…Whap Whap Whap! My ass was so sensitive by this point I couldn’t help but scream….I thought the neighbors would come running! Owwww….whhaa….dad whap, whap!!! He started working the thighs now…..that really got me jumping…..Whap, Whap, Whap! Whap, Whap, Whap….He kept spanking my butt for quite awhile and when he was done he had me stand in front of him while he read me the riot act. I was rubbing my ass the whole time he was talking! When he left I laid down on my bed and cried myself to sleep. I was never gonna be late again. At least not any time soon!

The next morning I got out of bed …very slowly I might add! I looked in the mirror at my swollen brown ass and almost didn’t recognize it. I saw my phone blinking on the dresser and picked it up. There was a message from Kenny….I opened it up and read it.

It said: Yo cuz, I hope your feeling ok this morn…lol Sorry about losing track of the time last night. Oh yeah…You might wanna make a habit of turning off your web cam when your done using it…Peace


  1. GREAT STORY!!!!
    Would make a wonderful video that I'd love to have.

  2. I agree.....could you imagine if that video got out? School would be a living hell for that kid. But that would be a cool video to see!

  3. Seems like we have the same tastes!!! Speaking of tastes . . .

  4. Seems like we have the same tastes!!! Speaking of tastes . . .

  5. Jimbar --It appears to me that you got the Ass whipping of your life for being late again .In as much you got a Ass whipping two dayd ago it sounds like you didn't learn anything from that whipping There is no good excuse for being late on a regular basis .More likely you could have avoided this situation had you used your cell phone however you chose not to In regard to a Bare ass whipping and dignity there is none .When one gets a. ass whipping in particular when the space between them is two days there is no mercy and everything goes and the Spankee has no choice except to accept what he has coming In regard to the Hair Brush on your Ass the use of this should serve as a prelude of things to come if you don't shape up In this situation you should learned there are no second chances I would think that one lessons learned in all of this is your ability to sit downhill will impaired for a while This in self is a definite messageI would think if there is another reason for a whipping you might be looking at Paddle or even the Razor Strap YOU NEED TO KNOW THREE STRIKES AND YOUARE OUT